General safety instructions FinnMETKO 2024

Exhibition visitor - remember safety in demo areas

In the exhibition area move safely and follow the instructions below:

  •     Only walk on marked tracks.
  •     Strictly follow the instructions given by the exhibitors and supervisors.
  •     Follow the health and safety instructions provided by the organizer
  •     In machine demo areas extreme caution shall be exercised.

Security check at the gates

A security check is carried out at the entrance gates of the exhibition. To speed up the inspection, we recommend that you bring only the essentials.

Importing alcohol, fireworks, hazardous substances and objects into the area is prohibited. Security guard make the final decision on whether an object is a security risk.

Safety instructions for the Exhibitors

Exhibitors are responsible for the safety of exhibition visitors on their stands by ensuring that machinery and equipment are safely displayed and that the necessary safety distances are fenced. The exhibitors are responsible for ensuring that the machines and equipment presented meet the requirements of Government Decision 400/2008 on the safety of machines. The waterways in the areas must not be blocked by structures or vehicles, thus ensuring maintenance and authority traffic.


Pathways have to be kept free of wood or any goods at all times. No motor vehicles can be used on the paths between 8 am and 6 pm during exhibition days.


Exhibitor, name your own security manager for the department! Exhibitors have to ensure that a sufficient safety distance is achieved during work demonstrations and that the area is demarcated by a fence or tape and that the safety area remains free from the public. The person in charge of the demonstration area on the part of FinnMETKO gives additional instructions and guides the scheduling of the performances and, if necessary, interlaces the performances.

First aid

The Finnish Red Cross's stationary first aid room is located in the FinnMETKO hall’s maintenance building. Stationary first aid location is marked with signs and on customer maps. First aid personnel are also circulating in the grounds.

FinnMETKO 2024 safety organization

Tapio Hirvikoski, Managing Director, Exhibition Manager, tel. +358 40 900 9417

Markku Suominen, director of safety, tel. +358 40 794 977

General security in the exhibition area and safety in forest demo area Pasi Mikkonen, tel. +358 400 856 393

Safety in demo area gravel pit Yrjö Laukkala, tel. +358 400 243 636

Safety, main exhibition area and main gate triangle Aki Laaja, tel. +358 40 589 9856

First aid emergency service, tel. 0400 731 569

Rescue emergency service Pertti Leppänen, tel. +358 455 2218 3041


Yhteistyökumppaneiden ilmoituksia


Varmista näkyvyytesi näyttelyn yhteydessä. Ota yhteyttä toimitusjohtaja Tapio Hirvikoskeen , puh 040 9009 417.