How to become an Exhibitor

1) Get to know the exhibition areas

Read the stand descriptions and price list and get acquainted with the maps of the exhibition area. This will give you a good idea of the show and what is the best place for your company to stand out.

2) Read the terms and conditions of the show

Carefully read the exhibition terms and instructions so that you know what to consider when planning your venue. Also read the exhibitor information and ordering instructions.

3) Submit the registration form

Fill out the registration form carefully. 

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4) Ensure your visibility at the fair

There are a variety of ways to present your company and stand before and during the fair. These include advertising in Koneyrittäjä magazine, exhibitoin catalog, bags distributed to visitors at the gate, exhibition website, area visibility and more. Contact Tapio Hirvikoski (tel. +358 40 900 9417) and plan together how to ensure your visibility at the fair.

5) Follow additional information about the fair and make practical preparations for the fair

Additional information about the exhibition will be sent by post/email and will be published on our website before the exhibition. Pay attention to this information. Make practical arrangements for building and running the booth. Order and send customer invitation cards to your customers in good time.

6) Construction and running of exhibition stands

The exhibitors are responsible for the construction and furnishing of their own stand, unless otherwise agreed. The following guidelines must be followed when constructing stands:

  • Depending on the area, the construction of outdoor stands may begin on Mon 19.8.2024, if separately agreed.
  • The construction of stands on asphalted fields may begin at 8.00am on Sat 24.8.2024 and they must be empty by 6.00pm on 2.9.2024
  • Indoor stands in the hall may be equipped with exhibitors’ goods from 8.00am on Mon 26.8.2024
  • Stands must be complete when the exhibition opens. The schedule for demonstration stand construction can be agreed separately.
  • Exhibition disassembly can begin after the exhibition closes at 6.00pm on Sat 31.8.2024. Stands must be disassembled and the exhibited goods and supplies removed from the exhibition area no later than 4.00pm on Fri 6.9.2024.
  • If required, more construction or disassembly time can be agreed with the event organiser.
  • The event organiser has commissioned Eventum Lahti Oy (previously KOKO Lahti Oy / Lahden Messut Oy) to construct stand walls in the FinnMETKO hall.
  • The exhibition spaces or the immovable or movable property within them may not be damaged. It is forbidden to drill holes, hammer nails, or mount brackets onto building walls, asphalt fields or floors. Interior structures must be self-supporting. The surroundings at outdoor stands must not be damaged and demonstrations must be carried out at designated sites. Exhibitors may not furnish their stands or present their products in a way that causes congestion in the aisles or causes disruption to the adjacent stands or the public. The periodic use of loud or noisy equipment at stands will only be allowed with the permission of the event organiser.



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Varmista näkyvyytesi näyttelyn yhteydessä. Ota yhteyttä toimitusjohtaja Tapio Hirvikoskeen , puh 040 9009 417.